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Some employees do care

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Posted 15 April 2012 - 12:33 AM

For once this is not a pet store rant. There is are a couple of employees that work at a mom and pop type shop that has an aquarium section in the county I live in. They are both very knowledgeable about fish and aquatic inverts. One in particular I talk to about live plants and aquaria of all sorts whenever he's not particularly busy or while he's getting me some live plants (they are the only place in the county that sells java fern, water sprites, and java moss which of course are great for Betta tanks). We're both very passionate about fish, and keeping them properly. Both of those employees hate seeing the Bettas sold in the little cups, but have no say in that; they will take out the larger Bettas whenever they have a tank that has compatible fish so that they can swim freely and put sick Bettas for treatment in isolated quarantine tanks. I know the particular person this post is about has taken in a few sick ones from the store and nursed them back to health.

At any rate, I was in the store today and I saw one Betta had some fuzziness on his fins. I alerted the employee to this and he put him in the back. I kept feeling guilty about leaving him behind since the employee said he was afraid he wouldn't make it in the store and he didn't have room for more tanks. So I told him I was interested in nursing him back to health, and he said "He's yours. I'm afraid he would just die in the store," and he explained to another employee that this Betta has fungus (came in with it from their last shipment) so he's letting me have the Betta. Now, there are some really nice and compassionate employees at the local Petco, but due to their manager, this would NEVER happen there. The store owner would sooner let Bettas rot away in cups (and they do) than give one away for free, even a veil tail. It's just not store policy. The manager also knows nothing about them, tried to tell me that a Betta that had swim bladder and was extremely emaciated was "just another lazy Betta" and insisted they are "lazy fish". Eventually the manager took the fish to a back room to "keep an eye on him", but refused to even let us get the veil tail Betta at a discount because "it's not Petco policy to sell sick animals".

So there are employees out there that do care more about the animals than making a profit. Unfortunately these employees don't run fish or supply stores themselves.

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