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Advice for breeding beginners..

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#1 Guest_MissMarie13_*

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 11:54 AM

Personally I am looking into breeding this summer. I have done months of research and read many forums. Slowly I have begun gathering supplies and looking into purchasing a breeding pair of Halfmoons. I doubt I am the first or last person to be a newbie looking for a good area of advice. So if you are experienced go ahead and maybe make a check list of supplies. Suggest breeders to buy breeding pairs off of or leave tips. I know I would greatly apreciate it.

Currently I have
2 - 10 Gallon Tanks
1 - 20 Gallon Tank
1 - 1.5 Gallon Tank
1 - Gallon Tank
20-30 Gallon Containers
Large Bag of Almond Leaves
3 Isolation Tanks
Betta Medication
Brine Shrimp Eggs and Hatching Tank
4 Filters
3 Heaters (Would Like to replace 2)
Small amount of live plants
2 Chimney glasses
Styrofoam Cups for bubble Nests

I Need:
My breeding pair of Halfmoons
a Sponge Filter
More Brine Shrimp Eggs (JUST IN CASE)
2-3 More Heaters.
More Live Plants

Any Suggestions or tips?
Keep in mind I still have amonth or 2 before I even try

I Do Have a Male and Female But they are store bought. I rescued the female from being flushed and the male I got at the beginning of my college year from walmart and he is my baby. :]

#2 Maryanne


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Posted 29 March 2012 - 11:59 AM

It worries me that you put "betta medication". What medication specifically and what do you plan on using it for? How experienced are you with treating betta diseases? Do you know what the most common ailments fry are going to have and how to prevent that?

Also your brine shrimp "hatching tank". Can you elaborate on that some more? I think there's something you're missing here.

How much time do you realistically plan to spend per day on taking care of your spawn?

I think the most important thing about breeding bettas is knowing what to expect from the spawning. Can you give me a run down of how you expect it to go from the time you set up the breeding tank to the time when you send your fishes off on their way?

Just trying to make sure you're ready :)

#3 Guest_MissMarie13_*

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 12:19 PM

I have bettafix. If you recommend anything else or something better Ill deffinitly get it. And Honestly I never thought of Betta fry ailments. Ill do some research tonight. Trust me I WILL NOT START untill I have gotten a thumbs up from someone. My goal is to start around the time I leave college.

I have only cured damaged fins personally. I keep up on clean tanks. Good water quality and quarantine before adding to my tanks so I have not met diseases yet.

^^ That is what I am going off of to set up a brine shrimp hatching tank and I have all but the airstone.

Per Day I have looked at my summer schedule to spend 2 -3 hours with them. I am devoted to trying this and will spend more if necessary. If I start I will finish all the way and will not half do it. Animals are not things to just be toyed with :) I will have a job yes but I do not go out with friends much and this is becoming my new hobby. I have 2 other fish tanks not mentioned here. With Red Clawed Crabs, and Neon Tetras and I enjoy working with them and caring for them.

As far as what to expect, I know what I have been gathering just from videos and forums. I have been trying to find a breeder to discuss this stuff with so I am prepared and know what to expect.

And trust me I thank you greatly for you asking me these questions and making sure you believe I would be ready. Keep asking and critiqueing :]

#4 Maryanne


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Posted 29 March 2012 - 12:34 PM

Do not use betta fix. It has been shown to only mildy work for what it says it does, and has been shown in some situations to kill bettas by damaging their labyrinth organ.

The medications you should have on hand are Maroxy (optional. It is an antifungal that some people add a few drops of to their breeding tanks to prevent fungus on eggs), aquarium salt (you'll need this for your brine shrimp anyway), acriflavine/aquarisol(discontinued)/coppersafe(not to be used without a copper test kit)/other anti ich yet gentle medication - the most common fry problem is velvet which can be treated with a tank black out and any of these medications, and a broad spectrum antibiotic just in case. Most of these are just in case kind of things. When there is damage to your breeding fishes, you'll want to place them in nice and warm (80-84F) lightly salted (1/2 tsp per gallon) clean water. Change the water more often than usual during healing.

I use 2L soda bottles with the tops cut off for my brine shrimp hatcheries. I did a video of this awhile back, but it skipped a lot and was kinda bad. I'll make another one in the next week or two.

I'll later make a post of what to expect from spawns and what issues you might run into :)

#5 Guest_MissMarie13_*

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 12:46 PM

I have the aquarium salt :] my red claws require brackish water conditions. I will get the medications you recommended and will research betta fry diseases. I am so glad you mentioned that.

And I shall trash the bettafix!!

Ok so question. I was thinking about setting up teh breeding tank about a week before I plan on introducing my male and female. Is that enough time? I do have test strips. And I have seen that many people breed in water that is only about 3 inches deep. I understand that, that makes it easier for the male to keep eggs in the nest. But I have also seen many contradicting statements about how long the male should be kept in the breeding tank after spawnig and the importance of eggs being returned tot eh nest if they fall out. A video on youtube made by thai ty betta said that if the eggs fall out and don't hatch they would not have hatched anyways.

Also, I see that your in Pittsburg, do you have an actual shop?

#6 Solitarianknight


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Posted 29 March 2012 - 01:52 PM

For and anti ich and velvet med thats gentle id reccomend a Kordon product, ive used it safely with danio fry as well as other scaleless fish

#7 DragonBurntHomework



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Posted 08 April 2012 - 09:14 PM

i am so glad i found this! i have been wanting to get straight answers about the stuff i will be needing, all i need to do next is research the genetics of my prospected couple!

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