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Completely stumped!

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#1 RunawayDragons



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Posted 06 March 2012 - 07:46 PM

In early December I bought a "baby betta" from Petco. He was less than an inch long, and very active. (I apologize in advance for the poor quality photos, as my cell phone can only do so much, and my tank is quite old!)
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
I named him Pascal, and he grew very quickly. He's a very active guy and by far the most intelligent betta I've ever owned.
By January he'd grown a great deal, and one day his top fin started growing like crazy (the white bit).
Posted Image
Just a week later the new fin growth was colored normal, and overall had doubled in size.
Posted Image
Now he's around three inches long, from mouth to tail tip, and all his fins have grown a great deal.
Posted Image

I've tried to get him to display for the camera, but he's too smart for me (although I did find that he finds his reflection in a mirror intriguing). Nothing bothers him, not even a tank change. I have seen him display occasionally when he's feeling fresh, and his tail isn't completely round, doesn't taper like a veil-tail, and just in general looks like nothing I've seen before.

He's my fifth betta, but the first I've ever bought as a baby. One of my veil-tails lived for almost four years, much to my surprise! He is honestly the most interesting fish I've ever owned (he loves to play with my husband and I), but not knowing his tail type is driving me nuts!

I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone could provide in identifying his tail type!

(Also bad lighting and cell phone camera don't show his true colors. He's an amazing range of iridescent blues!)

((EDITED to try to fix the pictures, but they keep getting blown up.))

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#2 Kendra


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Posted 06 March 2012 - 07:51 PM

He's a very typical veiltail. :)

#3 Solitarianknight


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Posted 06 March 2012 - 08:15 PM

Agreed, hes your average VT.

#4 Stars


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Posted 06 March 2012 - 09:24 PM

VT but a pretty one :D

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Posted 02 April 2012 - 10:48 AM

definitely veil tail the curling of the upper dorsal may suggest some high PH fluctuations.

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