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Book Review: Siamese Fighting Fish

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Posted 19 January 2012 - 10:03 PM

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Siamese Fighting Fish
Gene Lucas PhD., Herbert R. Axelrod (editor)

This book covers betta care, diseases, show standards, genetics, and breeding. It comes in two forms, the one posted above, and a magazine form with lots of high quality pictures. I purchased the magazine form from the IBC store. I am unsure if they still offer it.

* good diagrams on betta anatomy.
* The genetic information presented is good info. It is not as comprehensive as we see today.
* Nice pictures (magazine version)
* Fairly good information on diseases

* The show standards are out of date.
* The pictures are not of "modern" bettas, meaning you'll see lots of VTs and double tail VTs. Not necessarily a con, but if you are looking for genetics and pictures of HMs and CTs, this is not your book.
* Care information is vague and suggests changing quart and half gallon jars twice a week, or "only when necessary".
* Breeding info is vague. No info on how to feed the fry or what to do in many of the breeding situations one will find them self in.

I know I shouldn't dish on Gene Lucas as he is god among betta keepers, but this book is severely lacking in detail. While it goes over the topics of breeding and feeding fry and gives some good tips, it doesn't really explain enough for someone new to bettas to pick it up and run with it. Also I feel the care section is very geared toward breeders keeping many fish in small jars than keeping a pet betta. Also there are things in here like keeping one male and several females in a community tank as a good idea. I'm going to disagree with him there.

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