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Should I medicate?

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#1 Rick FL

Rick FL


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Posted 23 September 2011 - 09:13 AM

I believe my Black Molly has columnaris. He has what looks like a tiny cotton ball on his body just over his right fin. After researching that I needed antibiotics I decided to use Erythromycin because of what I read on the packaging while also adding salt. Next I find out that this was the wrong antibiotic and I only managed to kill my cycle but the white patch did go down. After removing the fish from this tank to another tank, I noticed that the white patch has come back after 2 days. First thing I did was add salt again and back to research. I found that Maracyn 2 is the preferred antibiotic so off to the store to pick this up along with new filters for my other tank with dead cycle. Come back home and check on the little guy to find that the white patch has gone back down.

So question is do I just leave the salt and continue to observe his behavior or just go ahead and medicate with the Maracyn 2, keeping in mind that he just came off of a whole treatment cycle of Erythromycin.

He is very active and responsive to me. When I come up the tank, he swims right up to me and swims back and forth begging for food.

I keep my tank at
0ppm AM
0ppm NI
<20ppm NA

On the new tank I dropped the temp by 3 clicks since this bacteria does not like cooler waters. My digital thermometer is spazzing out on me so I am unsure what temp is now. Plan on getting a new one after work today.

Any info is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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#2 Synirr


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Posted 23 September 2011 - 09:23 AM

Personally I would medicate... if it's indeed columnaris, that's not something to mess around with.

#3 Harlequin



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Posted 23 September 2011 - 10:37 AM

Are you sure the spot is cottony and not just fuzzy? Or maybe it's localized swelling?

Either way, if you really think it's columnaris, do medicate asap. That stuff has a really bad reputation.

#4 Rick FL

Rick FL


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Posted 23 September 2011 - 12:34 PM

well when he swims it looks like the patch flows with the water. What are different diseases that are white and "fluffy" that seems to be affected by salt? This is a small white patch localized just above the right fin ?joint? (not sure if thats what its called but where the 2 connect)

I would like to get my medication right this time around. Am I moving in the right direction or should I try something else?

Thanks for the input.

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