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Tiger Barbs in non-aggressive community

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Posted 03 September 2011 - 09:33 PM

We have a 20 gallon tall, established freshwater tropical tank, that is filtered and heated. We have 4 tetra's, three are neon and one is a glowlight. One albino cory and two schwartz. We also have two semi-aggressive dwarf gourami's, one is a neon blue. They squabble between each other often and can sometimes be bullies. We were trying to figure out what other fish to add with our semi aggressive gourami's, even though they are supposed to be nice. We were thinking some mollies and had asked the employee at the fish store what they thought. She said she's heard often of the dwarf gourami's being semi aggressive. She said Tiger Barbs would possibly be good because they could stand up for themselves and in a group of 4 or more they fight just with each other.

We added 4 tiger barbs and so far so good. They argue with each other only. No one appears to be bullied. Of course now that I've been reading up on tiger barbs on the net it says they are not recommended tank mates with the calm dwarf gourami's, but ours act semi aggressive. Perhaps that is why things are working out so well? Opinions? Thanks!

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Posted 03 September 2011 - 10:13 PM

Take em back, tigers are a larger schooler at 2.5in in length and need a 30in tank MIN. Plus unless you have room for a 12 or so, they can get very agressive and kill smaller fish like guppies. Your stocking is OK for them but your gorami's may get nipped up due to your low numbers and small space.
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Posted 04 September 2011 - 09:15 AM

Tiger barbs are great fish. Lively and colorful and just plain fun to watch. However they are notorious nippers. I don't think they would be my first choice in a 20 Tall, but gourami's are also not peaceful calm fish. They don't have to be in school's of 12. I believe they do best in schools of at least 6. I think as long as you keep up with the water changes and no one is getting ripped to shreds, this should be ok. I had a pink gourami years ago that was so mean I had to move him into a tank I had with various African cichlids. He did a lot better there than in my peaceful community tank.
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Posted 07 September 2011 - 04:20 PM

I would 1. take back the tiger, its just not good in the long run. 2.get 3-4 more neons and if stocking allows 4 more glowlights. Both neons and glowlights need schools of 5+ seperatley. The golden number for schools is typicaly 6 but 5 is a min. With tigers its the same BUT i perfer them in 8-12 personaly. DG should not be housed togather unless its a 30 or 20 long. I would also return one of them because they can get UGLY. Male dwarfs are like male bettas, it doesnt work(except in their case it will if the tanks big enough). Also 1 more cory would be nice as they are also schoolers.
thats just what i recomend though, it is what would be better for the fish but that doesnt mean you have to do it so i dont want to impose. As far as molly would go im unsure exsept that the DG might not like them.
so in basic of what i said the stock would be like
1 DG
5-6 neons
5 glowlights
5 cory
Im not sure if the glowlights are pushing it though so dont take just my word on it.
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