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Jungle's Start Zyme

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 09:45 AM

At walmart from anywere to 3-6(mostly4) dollars you can buy Jungle's product, StartZyme. Star Zyme its a live blend of bacteria needed for fish tanks. Its supposed to boost the cycling prosses by adding the bacteria that your trying to get by adding pure ammonia so basicly its like adding the bacteria that youve been trying to get for 2 weeks. i bought it and the next day an api master test kits. suprisingly when i tested it it read perfect water! Two more days and i got my oscar. every other day i sphon out poop so that the ammonia doest get out of hand. next thursday illhave to add more of the soulution to strengthen the bacteria. by then all the bacteria will be at a suffecent growth rate. y did i add the oscar? perfect water and without the poop the bacteria ouldnt grow because the start zyme is and isnt a fish cycle. re gardlesss o how long you wait the bateria wont grow if ther isnt ammonia, adding ammonia(pure) is a good idea, the pupose of that is to row the bacteria also if you add a fish, the poop that has the ammonia will imediately grow the bacteria, almost a fish cycle but not quite. regardless i siphon out poop everyother day just so that ammonia doesnt get out of hand. so in my opinion this product really works, it worked with me. use it once a month, it helps keep the ammonia down and all the other stuff, it will help keep a stable aquarum will healthy fish. hope this topic helps.(sorry i made some mistakes, but i corrected them, dnt think i am using a fish cycle cuz im not, well not with the oscar..i got some rosy reds and let them swim around for those 2-3 days to feed the bacteria. i plan on keeping them and getting healthy, and eithr taking them back to store or feeding them once my oscar is big enough)

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 11:35 AM

Tbh. I really doubt this, The bacteria still needs you to add ammonia to work... Plus One perfect test isnt really what you should base it on, Ammonia is not to start it, its for the bacteria to feed one and who told you it was a bad idea? ...

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 11:35 AM

So... You put the aquarium together, added the bacteria, and then tested the water the next day? Did you also add ammonia somewhere in there?

Pure ammonia from a bottle is just as good as any other ammonia for your purposes; why do you say it's not?

Also, if you have old gravel and an old filter, no need to use any other products, really. And in an established, healthy tank, there should never be any need to add supplemental bacteria unless you know something's happened to kill yours off.

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