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Double Tail Fancy Guppies?

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Posted 02 July 2009 - 09:09 PM

So I went to my uncle's house a few days ago and I knew he had a 20 gallon tank up in his master bathroom. I also go to look at it because he had all these fancy guppies and a large male white betta in it, not to mention about 1,000 snails. Its a really dirty, algea invested tank that he rarely cleans. So I hadn't seent he tank in weeks, actually months and I rememberd him saying he had some totally mutated guppies going on in there.

I have never seen guppies so big in my life. Females were enormus, several times bigger than any of the males. I'm sure the one females was at least 2.5 inches long or better, and just looking like she was ready to pop. Also, his betta was giant,, bigger than any I've seen before. I'm not sure if its the water conditions or what, but they are humungous fish.

Anyway...I started watching them and noticed there was a few males with shredded fins...almost like a crowntail betta...he said he went through a spell where all the guppies born had this shredded fin look. We're assuming it was a mutation or inbreeding. Then he started noticing double tails on the males.
I started looking up double tailed guppies, and all I find are swordtails or Lyre tails....he never introducted either of these in the tank, theya re just your regular fancy guppy. I couldnt get a picture bc all I had was my cellphone and we know they dont take the greatest pictures. These boys have 2 long flowing tails and are brightly colored. They dont look like the lyretails or the swordtails I've seen online. They remind you of a double tail betta...big flowing tails

Could he have started his own strain of guppy?

I might try to get a few of them and see if I can develop it more....

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Posted 03 July 2009 - 04:58 AM

The "shredded" fins are crowntails. guppies don't get the nice even spikes that bettas do. smile1.gif

As for double tail, that is something I've never heard of with guppies.

It's not entirely uncommon for females to make it to 3 inches though. Over at the guppies.com forums it comes up every few months where someone found them in a store somewhere.

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Posted 03 July 2009 - 09:39 AM

I've seen lyretail guppies at Petsmart before, but the tails weren't as pronounced as some lyretails on swordtails are.

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