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Profile Submission Rules

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Posted 07 February 2009 - 02:00 AM

Fish Profile Forum Rules:

All fish profiles must be submitted to a moderator or administrator in order to be approved for posting.

Please do not submit a profile on a species where a profile already exists. If you wish to add to an existing profile, please contact a moderator or administrator.

There is no limit to length, but please make sure to include as much information as possible. Also do not plagiarize.

Please also include pictures of the fish in the profile and make sure these are your own pictures or you have permission from the owner to use the pictures. When using a photo with permission from the owner, make sure to credit the owner. Make sure to resize your photo to no larger than 800x600 pixels. Good rule of thumb: if the forum shrinks it automatically then it is too large.

Profiles must include the following sections:
• Common Name
• Scientific Name
• AKA’s if applicable
• Physical Description
• Adult Size
• Lifespan
• Care level
• Tank size
• Temperature range
• Water hardness (please provide a dh range)
• Acidity/Alkalinity (please provide a ph range and the following blurb):
**It should be noted that most fish purchased in pet/chain stores are farmed and raised in water much different than their native habitats. Also most fish will adapt to reasonable water conditions given the proper acclimation techniques are used.

• Diet
• Compatibility
a. If applicable, suggested tankmates.

• Sexing, if possible
• Breeding
• Personal observations and comments
• Also please be sure to list your own rules for distribution.
a. Can people use this profile elsewhere and if so, the rules for doing so.

Please do not be afraid of changing font color, size, or type to make your profile more readable. Remember to elaborate and include as much information as possible so that the reader feels the time they've invested in your profile was well spent.

If you utilized a resource(s) please make sure to site and link to your source of information and as always make sure you’ve received permission from the original author.

Please include the following at the end of your profile:
Disclaimer: Please note this collection information has been provided as a resource; however, multiple sources of information can help you to achieve the optimum care for your aquatic pets.

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