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Please don't over medicate your fish

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#1 Tess


    What in tarnation are you on about now?

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Posted 16 June 2008 - 09:04 AM

We all understand what itís like to worry over one of our fish, and itís especially frustrating when you donít know exactly whatís wrong, but itís important not to jump the gun and over medicate.

Too frequently, we see posts about a fish thatís ill, thereís no response for a few hours (which happens sometimes, unfortunately, different time zones and busy real life schedules mean that not every post gets a prompt answer), and by the time it is answered, the fish is being treated with Medication A, Medication B, and a dose of Medication C thrown in for good measure. Suddenly the fish is exhibiting new symptoms, and at that point itís impossible to distinguish the signs of a disease from the signs of being in water thatís been turned into a near-toxic stew of medications.

We understand the desperate longing to help your fish, honestly we do, but many of the drugs we use to treat them are rough on the fish, and shouldnít be used unless absolutely necessary. Even the more gentle treatments, when combined with other meds, can stress a fish out and make them act sick, which often frustrates the already upset owner and makes it harder to properly diagnose the problem.

There are instances when combining medications is the proper course of treatment, and there are those really baffling cases when one of the members with advanced knowledge of fish illnesses will recommend treating with more than one thing (such as using two antibiotics to cover both gram positive and gram negative), but thatís only after weighing the potential benefits against the possible risks to the fish. Just as in humans, medications arenít something to be dispensed lightly and without thoughts of the consequences.

Many of the fish that are over medicated really only need clean water, rest, and time to recover. Not every case of mild fin rot needs aggressive antibiotic treatment, and not every fish that acts ďoffĒ for an afternoon needs treated for anything at all. Medicating indiscriminately is not only not helpful to your beloved fish, it has the potential to do harm to them.

Please donít resort to dosing your fish with everything that you have on hand out of frustration, and please donít treat them without being sure that thereís actually something wrong. We all want to see your fish healthy and happy, and thatís easier to accomplish if medications are used properly.
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#2 EmilyHXC


    Nyuu! <3

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Posted 22 June 2008 - 02:59 PM

Very well said! tup1.gif

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#3 kb46



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Posted 23 June 2008 - 09:11 PM

So glad to see this post! I'm a big believer in drugs as a last resort.

#4 flare swish flare

flare swish flare


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Posted 23 June 2008 - 09:30 PM

Thank you, Tess, for saying this! Definitely good advice! yes1.gif

#5 Eudie


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Posted 30 June 2008 - 12:13 PM


We really needed this! yes1.gif

#6 RandomWiktor


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Posted 17 July 2008 - 05:08 AM

Just saw this post and wanted to say "Amen to that!" Medication should only be dispensed if there has been a pretty darn solid "diagnosis," and one that warrants meds to boot. An animal already stressed by a medical condition can be put over the edge by a drug cocktail that isn't even pertinent to its illness.

#7 LTronx



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Posted 01 October 2008 - 09:38 AM

yay to tessy lol2.gif thx for the advice, sometime we got frustated when our fish sick it's true, i'am experienced it to.

#8 nusdogg


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Posted 30 November 2008 - 03:27 AM

Very good info and well written.

#9 bettamommy



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Posted 15 May 2009 - 10:25 PM

I actually think that's what happened to Tazz. I treated his fin rot a bit too aggressively and now I think he has a secondary infection from killing all the good bacteria in his system.

#10 Guest_LimeFox_*

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Posted 15 May 2009 - 10:29 PM

QUOTE (bettamommy @ May 15 2009, 08:25 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I actually think that's what happened to Tazz. I treated his fin rot a bit too aggressively and now I think he has a secondary infection from killing all the good bacteria in his system.

this thread is oooollllddddd...

#11 aquarior



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Posted 04 December 2009 - 02:54 AM

thanks for nice tips

#12 veganchick



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Posted 01 June 2010 - 04:24 PM

ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou! lol! Most fish can be cured with daily water changes, and/or aquarium salt... only terrible cases should have any meds at all!

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