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Review Your Own Car...

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Posted 10 June 2008 - 08:32 PM

Car number one: 1998 Honda Civic EX

Acceleration: 5 , no VTECH so It is kinda gutless sader1.gif

Fuel Economy: 7 (35 mpg)

Ride Quality: 8

Steering/Handling/Braking: 7 overall. I miss the handling of my CRX

Quietness : 7

Controls 5

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) 8

Room/Comfort (rear): 10 cos it has a back seat!!! That is a new thing for me!

Cargo Room: 8 the trunk is hella big!

Value within Class: 9, my homie hooked it up! I <3 my car!

Total Score: 74

My other car is a 89 CRX so this was quite a step up for me!

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Posted 10 June 2008 - 08:41 PM

2006 Kia Optima

Acceleration - 8; never had a problem, very fast to accelerate, not the fastest I've ever driven

Fuel Economy - 7; needs to be refueled as often as any other car

Ride Quality - 9; very comfy!

Steering/Handling/Braking - 8; never had a problem with any, breaking can be touchy [sensitive]

Quietness - 9; never had a problem with any noises

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) - 10; plenty of room!

Room/Comfort (rear) - 7; a little cramped but not bad

Cargo Room - 8; large trunk, good cupholders

Value within Class - 9

Total Score: 75

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Posted 10 June 2008 - 08:53 PM

Car number two: 1989 Honda CR-X Si

Acceleration: 8, this car gets up and goes!

Fuel Economy: 7 (31 mpg)

Ride Quality: 5, it is quite bumpy.

Steering/Handling/Braking: 7 overall. Only cos the lack of power steering makes it a pain to park.

Quietness : 4, no ac = windows and sun roof always open

Controls: 5 nothing to write home about

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) 7

Room/Comfort (rear): 0 only a 80 pound japanese schoolgirl could fit back there comfortably, lol!

Cargo Room: 7, surprisingly you can fit hella stuff in it when you are forced to

Value within Class: 8, but I am biased tongue1.gif My car is beat up and needs some TLC, but it was my first car, I paid $600.00 for it and I can still drive it 5 years later.

Total Score: 51

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Posted 11 June 2008 - 10:49 PM

2002 Saturn SL1 in silver blue - my child!! LOVE this car!

Acceleration: 5, the AC definitely slows you down, but for a 1.4 liter engine, she has some kick

Fuel Economy: 9!! (I got 37 mpg earlier this year, but it ranges from 31 up) - this is exactly what I got this car for, fuel economy

Ride Quality: 7 - very smooth

Steering/Handling/Braking: 7 - could have a tighter turning radius for such a small car

Quietness : 8 - although my car has over 100k now, she runs VERY quiet

Controls: "5 nothing to write home about" - I have an automatic... haha, not a whole lot to play with

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front): 5 - but I have a bad back...

Room/Comfort (rear): 4 - I wouldn't want to sit back there... and you have to be pretty short or your knees are in the seat

Cargo Room: 7 - gotta love fold-down seats

Value within Class: 10 - yes, I'm biased. My whole family has Saturns now... I think their old stuff was better than the new. They don't have a compact care or mid-sized anymore and it makes me upset. But overall, it's a GREAT, reliable car. And it's plastic except for the roof, hood and trunk deck so it doesn't dent or rust.

Total Score: 67

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Posted 13 March 2009 - 04:58 PM

Car: Lincoln Continental year 1998

Acceleration: 8, when the engine works as it should.

Fuel Economy: 4-5 If you drive it well, then it's about 25... drive badly and it goes down

Ride Quality: 10. Smooth as butter

Steering/Handling/Braking: 6-7 wide turn radius. fairly nimble on the road and responds well and in a timely manner. I feel safe driving it in Pittsburgh. 'Nuff said.

Quietness : 7-8 When well maintained you hear nothing. Right now I have some engine noise

Controls: 5 nothing to write home about

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating 10 AWESOME room and comfortable for 10 hour drives

Room/Comfort (rear): 9 Still awesome

Cargo Room: 8. Mobsters hide bodies in the trunks of these. Can fit 3 men, two of them plump.

Value within Class: 9, class of used affordable car. It needs some engine work but trucks on. If I could afford to maintain it like it should be maintained (come on tax refund!!) then it should be around a long while. I'd recommend one to anyone.

Total Score: 76-79

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Posted 02 April 2009 - 11:40 AM

oooooohh I love cars!

my '68 volkswagen beetle
here's when my dad and I bought it:

after: (though not a recent pic)

Acceleration: 5 it's pretty quick for an old bug

Fuel Economy: 4 needs the premo stuff

Ride Quality: 1 it's kind of like wearing converse shoes... you can feel every crack in the road. but hey, it's a bug; it's supposed to be that way.

Steering/Handling/Braking: 8 kinda depends on who's driving since there's no power brakes/steering

Quietness: 2 and I like it that way

Controls: ... what controls?

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating: (front) 8 I'm about 6' and I still have loads of room

Room/Comfort: (rear) 5 just because for some reason everyone LOVES to be in the back even though there's 0 room

Cargo Room: 6 it's a clown car; you can just keep piling stuff in there.

Value within Class: 3 ish?

Total Score: AWESOME (39 if you want the number)

#19 Strick


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Posted 02 April 2009 - 12:03 PM

1998 Lexus ES 300

Acceleration = 7

Fuel Economy = 6

Ride Quality = 8 (used to be a 10, but the shocks are 11 years old, after all...)

Steering/Handling/Braking = 8

Quietness = 9

Controls = 7 (everything's easy to figure out and easy to reach)

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) = 8

Room/Comfort (rear) = 6 (my sons, who are only a little smaller than I am, don't have much legroom back there)

Cargo Room = 6 (big trunk for such a Camry-sized car)

Value within Class = 10 (I bought it used in 2000 - had one O2 sensor go bad since then. That's it.)

Total Score: 75

Cost me $28K when it was two years old. I balked at the price at first, but it's been worth every penny. It's got about 170,000 miles on it and it's still wonderful. I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. 20 or 30 years from now, when this one finally dies, I will definitely buy another Lexus.

#20 Faith


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Posted 02 April 2009 - 12:28 PM

1999 Toyota Solara

Acceleration 7 (it really can get up and go but it drags back for longer than I'd like)

Fuel Economy 5 (it was better but I think it needs a fuel change. -wince)

Ride Quality 8 (very smooth ^^)

Steering/Handling/Braking 8 (I have never been behind the wheel of a car with brakes like this)

Quietness 10 (I often don't even know the damn thing is on)

Controls 4 (cruise control...windows...locks...air/heat s'about it)

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) 8

Room/Comfort (rear) 6 (it's a coupe so it's a pain to get into, but it's a roomy back)

Cargo Room 10 (THREE BODY TRUNK!)

Value within Class 8 (er... I think)

Total Score: 74

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Posted 22 July 2010 - 02:12 AM

2005 Toyota Celica Gt (lots of work need to be done)

Acceleration 5 (not a up and go kinda car)

Fuel Economy 9 (best gas mileages I have had)

Ride Quality 7

Steering/Handling/Braking 9

Quietness 8 (i can't hear anything else after I turn on the radio, lol. Thank god for Sony Explode)

Controls 5

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) 8

Room/Comfort (rear) 0 (when I drive no one can fit in the back seat, lol)

Cargo Room 2 (would be better if I didn't have a sub woofer and amp back their)

Value within Class 10

Total Score: 63

This car is not by any means ment for speed. It's your sunday drive (aka showing off kinda car). Honest I only have it cuss 1. i got a great deal on it. 2. Better miles then my original car 3. My 72' Ford LTD is in the shop, I blew out the engine, lol.

#22 sillywhitegirl



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Posted 07 November 2010 - 11:09 PM

2007 Mazda RX-8 GT 1.3L Rotary 230hp, 6sp MT
"Double Cream"

Acceleration 9 Super quick car! although at higher speed, like 85-90, you do have to down shift to get more go.

Fuel Economy 2 When you buy a sports car... are you REALLY looking at the gas milage!? Premium is a must, and it eats gas, about 18 if driven conservitavely, and that's only going to ruin the engine, so actually I get about 16mpg,it's possible to get 21 on long trips using the cruise... but I don't see that happening too often.

Ride Quality 5, very tight suspension. little bumpy, but I love it!

Steering/Handling/Braking 10, this is where this car is effin unmatchable!! It's like riding a roller coaster, back roads are my best friend.

Quietness 3... there is road noise, but the purr of the exhaust is something that you love to hear.

Controls 9 this car is LOADED... auto everything, heated seats, 6 cd in dash changer, Bose audio... the works!

Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) 8

Room/Comfort (rear) 4 though a "coup" this is a 4 door (suicide rear) and surprisingly comfy back seat!

Cargo Room 2 yeah... there isn't even a spare tire... I can fit groceries in the trunk... if I don't get more than a cartful

Value within Class 10 This car far outranks the 350Z and the 370Z if you ask me in handling, the engine is like "Double Cream" smooth as can be. When this car goes, I will be buying another...

Total Score: 62

Edited for: added video link.

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Posted 26 January 2011 - 08:14 AM

2001 Ford ZX2

Acceleration 6 (chipped and bolt-ons)
Fuel Economy 4.5(gets AlOT less than is should due to the driver)
Ride Quality 3 (lowered on stiffer springs)
Steering 6 (manuel rack swap)
Handling 6.5
Braking 6.5
Quietness 0 (well it's been heard about 1.5 miles out.)
Room/Comfort 2
Cargo 4 (trunk is huge for a small 2door)
Value in class 2

Overall 40.5

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